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Magic Swords Idle RPG
Magic Swords Idle RPG

Magic Swords Idle RPG

Immerse yourself in the magical realm of Magic Swords Idle RPG, an enchanting idle clicker game where you embark on an epic journey to defeat monstrous creatures, accumulate gold, and acquire powerful swords. Experience unique and diverse gameplay with a building system, a pet system, and challenging dungeons that test your skills and strategy. As you venture through this fantastical world, unleash the might of your swords, build structures in hell, tame loyal pets, and conquer powerful bosses to upgrade your artifacts. Prepare for an enthralling idle RPG adventure filled with endless possibilities!


 Left-click = deal damage to monsters and interact with the in-game buttons

 Q = Use skill 1

 W = Use skill 2

 E = Use skill 3

 R = Use skill 4

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