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Monster Shooter Apocalypse
Monster Shooter Apocalypse

Monster Shooter Apocalypse

Welcome to Monster Shooter Apocalypse, a tense first-person shooting game set in a deserted wasteland populated by dreadful tree monsters and mutants. You have a responsibility to defend the world and annihilate any threat to humanity as a competent shooter. Prepare your weapons, get ready for some tough combat, and set off on a quest to bring peace back to this post-apocalyptic world!

1. The game play of Monster Shooter Apocalypse

You take on the role of a daring protagonist equipped with a variety of weaponry in Monster Shooter Apocalypse. To ensure the existence of humanity, your goal is to traverse barren landscapes populated by mutants and tree monsters and exterminate them.

The action-packed first-person shooter game immerses you in fierce clashes against hordes of foes. Use the guns, bombs, and other lethal weapons in your armory to destroy the monsters that are in your way. To survive the assault, use accurate aim, release powerful shots, and deflect opponent assaults.

As you go, you'll come across foes who are harder to defeat and engage in epic boss encounters that will put your abilities and tenacity to the test. Discover secrets amid the deserted wasteland and the cause of the end of the world.

2. What does Monster Shooter Apocalypse have?

 - A huge arsenal of weapons

 - Unique enemies

 -  Addictive gameplay

 - Dark atmosphere


 Mouse = look around

 WASD = move

 W + Shift = run

 Space = jump

 Left mouse button = shoot

 Right mouse button ( hold ) = aim

 Mouse wheel = next / previous weapon

 1 - 7 = weapon hotkeys

 R = reload

 G = throw a grenade

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