My Singing Monsters


Prepare for an adrenaline-fueled adventure in Providence, a captivating 2D action-platformer that immerses you in a battle-style gameplay experience. Your mission: to vanquish menacing beasts and liberate the town from their grip. With swift movement, precise combat, and a dynamic world to explore, you'll journey through a thrilling landscape to restore peace and triumph over darkness.


In Providence, your role as a valiant hero comes to life as you navigate intricate levels, engage in combat, and rescue the town from the clutches of ferocious beasts.


  • Action-Packed Combat: Dive into fast-paced battles against formidable beasts that stand in the way of the town's freedom. Wield your weapons, employ tactics, and unleash your skills to emerge victorious.
  • Platformer Adventure: Traverse 2D levels that challenge your agility and reflexes. Jump, dash, and navigate various obstacles to progress through the vibrant and perilous world.
  • Battle-Style Gameplay: The heart of the game lies in its battle-style gameplay, where each encounter is a strategic showdown. Face different types of beasts, each with unique mechanics and attack patterns.
  • Liberate the Town: Your ultimate goal is to free the town from the beasts' grasp. As you defeat enemies and clear levels, you inch closer to liberating the town's residents.


  • Left/Right: A/D
  • Jump: Space
  • Attack: Left Mouse (While Grounded)
  • Magic: Right Mouse
  • Dash: L-Shift (while airborne)
  • Use Health Potion: F
  • Use Mana Potion: G
  • Switch Inventory Slot: Q
  • Interact: E

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