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Rogue Tower
Rogue Tower

Rogue Tower

Prepare for an exhilarating journey in Rogue Tower, an action-packed game that challenges you to conquer a towering fortress by battling hordes of monsters across a staggering 100 floors. As you progress, you'll earn precious gold and gems through your victories, enabling you to enhance your character's capabilities and fortify your potions for an ultimate showdown.

Gameplay Overview

In Rogue Tower, you're tasked with a monumental feat: to vanquish every monster that stands in your way across the 100 floors of the tower. It's a test of your combat skills, resource management, and strategic thinking as you ascend each level to face increasingly powerful adversaries.

Core Functions and Features

  • Tower Conquest: Climb your way up the tower by clearing each floor of its menacing inhabitants. Victory awaits those who can overcome the challenges presented by the diverse array of monsters.
  • Resource Accumulation: With every monster defeated, you'll earn both gold and gems. These precious resources are your lifeline, allowing you to bolster your character's abilities and upgrade your potions for more effective combat.
  • Character Progression: Use the gold and gems you've collected to level up your character. Enhance your combat skills, increase your strength, and gain the edge needed to tackle the tower's increasingly formidable foes.
  • Potion Upgrades: In the heat of battle, potions can mean the difference between victory and defeat. Invest your hard-earned resources into upgrading your potions to ensure they provide the maximum benefits when you need them the most.


Left-click = Interact with the menus or use skills

Q = use skill 1

W = use skill 2

E = use skill 3

R = use skill 4

D = Use a health potion

F = use stamina potion

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