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Silly Walker
Silly Walker

Silly Walker

Get ready for an action-packed adventure in Silly Walker, where you have the power to design and create your very own robot. The fate of the town rests in your hands as you battle against menacing monsters and navigate through challenging obstacles. Will you have what it takes to complete your mission and become the hero that saves the city? Get ready for an exciting journey filled with creativity, strategy, and thrilling gameplay in Silly Walker.

The game play of Silly Walker

Experience the excitement of Silly Walker by following these steps:

Design and Create Your Robot: Unleash your creativity and build your unique robot. Choose from a wide range of components, including body parts, weapons, and accessories. Customize your robot's appearance to match your style and preferences.

Save the Town: Embark on a mission to save the town from menacing monsters. Navigate through challenging levels filled with obstacles, traps, and enemy encounters. Use your robot's abilities to overcome these challenges and reach your objective.

Upgrade and Enhance: Collect resources and power-ups throughout your journey. Utilize these resources to upgrade your robot's capabilities, making it stronger and more effective against the monstrous threats.

Strategic Gameplay: Develop strategies to outsmart your enemies and overcome obstacles. Use your robot's unique abilities and weapons to your advantage. Plan your moves carefully and react quickly to changing situations.


In the lab

  • Drag the left mouse button or use WASD / arrow keys to move the player
  • Click the left mouse button to buy and upgrade items

In the battle

  • Hold the left mouse button to raise one leg and release to step. Repeat until you reach the goal
  • After reaching the goal, click the left mouse anywhere as fast as possible to defeat the monster

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