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Simple RPG
Simple RPG

Simple RPG

Prepare for an enthralling adventure in Simple RPG, an action-packed game that sets you on a path to conquer dungeons and emerge victorious against powerful bosses. Each character boasts unique skills, allowing you to tailor your approach to battle the menacing monsters. As you advance, the opportunity to upgrade your characters presents itself, enhancing their strength and unlocking the potential to attain your ultimate goal.


In Simple RPG, your objective is clear: traverse dungeons and vanquish adversaries to reach the formidable boss at the end. With each character's distinct set of skills, your journey through the dungeon becomes an engaging battle against both monsters and the clock.

Core Functions and Features

  • Character Variety: Choose your character from a selection, each possessing its own set of skills and abilities. Your choice of character will significantly influence your strategy and combat style.
  • Dungeon Challenges: Navigate through intricate dungeon layouts, confronting diverse monsters and challenges on your way to face the boss.
  • Boss Showdown: The pinnacle of your journey lies in the confrontation with the boss. Utilize your character's skills to overcome the boss's unique mechanics and emerge victorious.
  • Character Upgrades: As you progress, amass experience points and resources to upgrade your characters. Enhance their attributes, skills, and powers, making them even more formidable.


Using Mouse

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