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Toilets Worms Shooter
Toilets Worms Shooter

Toilets Worms Shooter

Prepare for an adrenaline-pumping first-person shooter experience like no other in "Toilets Worms Shooter." Dive into a world where mutated toilet worm monsters have taken over, and only you have the power to put an end to their reign of terror. The chaos begins in a dumpster, where a seemingly harmless gathering of worms turns into a nightmare when a toilet and radioactive waste are unceremoniously dumped in. As a result, these once-innocent worms mutate into menacing toilet monsters. Your mission? Exterminate them all and save the world from this bizarre menace!


"Toilets Worms Shooter" offers a gripping and fast-paced gameplay scenario centered around shooting down mutated toilet worm monsters. As the player, you'll find yourself thrust into intense battles against a variety of enemies, each with their unique traits and behaviors.


  1. Enemy Annihilation: Armed with an array of weapons, your primary objective is to obliterate all the mutated toilet worm monsters that stand in your way. From walkers to helicopters, kamikazes to mad scientists, every enemy type presents a distinct challenge.

  2. Unpredictable Origins: The game's quirky premise starts with a seemingly ordinary dumpster party for worms. However, the introduction of a toilet and radioactive waste transforms these harmless creatures into monstrous adversaries.

  3. Unique Enemies: Face off against an assortment of mutated toilet worm monsters, each requiring a different strategy to defeat. From ranged attacks to explosive tactics, you'll need to adapt to various enemy behaviors.

  4. Weapon Variety: Purchase new weapons or upgrade your existing arsenal to enhance your chances of victory. Choosing the right weapon for each enemy type can be the key to success.

  5. Upgrades and Progression: As you advance, earn currency to buy better weapons or improve existing ones. This progression system enhances your combat abilities and provides a sense of accomplishment.


Move mouse = look around
WASD = movement
Shift = run
Space = jump
Left-click / Z = shoot
Hold right-click = aim
Mouse wheel / 1-7 = change weapon
R = reload
G = throw a grenade
T = Inspect the weapon
Tab = pause

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