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War Lands
War Lands

War Lands

War Lands is an exciting action role-playing game (ARPG) with roguelike gameplay mechanics. In this thrilling adventure, players embark on a journey through a series of levels, engaging in intense battles and collecting powerful buffs and loot along the way. The objective is to decimate hordes of enemies and progress further in the challenging and dynamic game world.

About War Lands

You'll experience a series of conflicts in War Lands that get harder and harder. You'll get the chance to level up, upgrade your gear, and collect goodies in the town after each trial.

The addicting ARPG atmosphere of Diablo or Path of Exile may be found in War Lands. But because it runs on a browser, you may join in on the action from any location.


Your class is determined by the weapons you choose, and your particular talents will adapt to that. As you gain an advantage throughout the conflict, you can change your strategy. For close-quarters fighting, there are staffs, swords, greatswords, shields, and bows.

Tips and Strategies for Success

Play tactically, as death can mean starting over

Utilize your skills to the fullest and proceed with extreme caution at first because your HP is so low.

Choose the level path that benefits your character type most

Small icons can be seen on the level's path. They represent the incentives that are offered at each level.

Discard items by dragging them out of your inventory

Only when you are in the town can you throw things away? As a result, once your inventory is full, you won't be able to empty it until the entire round of levels has been completed. Pick your loot carefully.

Smash barrels to get gold and loot

This one should go without saying. To obtain gold, pry open all the boxes and barrels.

Max your strongest skills

Focus on your class's most advantageous strengths. For instance, you might want to concentrate the vast majority of your skill points on strength and agility if you're dual-wielding swords (excellent choice).

Enchant your weapons

Give your weapons magical traits so they can aid you in combat by enchantment. You'll need as much gold as you can collect because the possibility of enchantment decreases as the rarity of your item rises.


WASD/arrow keys - Move
Left mouse button - Attack
Right mouse button - Second skill
Space bar - Dodge / Rush / Teleport
B - Inventory
C - Info
P - Pause

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