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Weapon Tester
Weapon Tester

Weapon Tester

Welcome to the thrilling world of Weapon Tester, an addictive clicker game where you get to test an array of powerful weapons to vanquish menacing monsters in diverse locations. Your journey begins with the weapon shop, where you can acquire a variety of weapons to unleash upon monstrous foes. With each click, you'll unleash the might of these weapons, and as you progress, you can upgrade your arsenal to become even more formidable. Utilize Accuracy, Luck, and Strength to your advantage as you take on increasingly challenging monsters. Are you up for the ultimate test? Let's see if you can conquer all the monsters and master all the weapons!


  1. Choose Your Weapons: Start your testing journey by selecting from an assortment of weapons available at the weapon shop. Each weapon boasts unique abilities and attributes.

  2. Defeat Monsters: Once equipped with your chosen weapon, click to unleash its power upon the menacing monsters that inhabit various locations.

  3. Upgrade Your Arsenal: As you accumulate rewards from defeating monsters, head to the upgrade menu to enhance your weapons and make them even more potent.

  4. Utilize Special Abilities: Harness the power of Accuracy, Luck, and Strength to maximize your effectiveness in the battle against the monsters.


Using Mouse

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