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Weapons Journey
Weapons Journey

Weapons Journey

Welcome to Weapons Journey, an exciting clicker game where you take control of powerful weapons and embark on an epic adventure to defeat hordes of incoming monsters. As you progress through the game, you'll unlock new weapons, upgrades, and powers to strengthen your arsenal and become an unstoppable force. Get ready to click, upgrade, and conquer this thrilling journey!

 The game play of Weapons Journey

Your goal in Weapons Journey is to repel waves of creatures by clicking on them or summoning powerful abilities. As you kill monsters, you gain gold that you can spend to upgrade existing weapons, unlock new ones, and buy add-ons to increase your click damage and total power.

You'll run into many monster varieties as you progress through the game, and each has its own special powers and weaknesses. Some monsters might be harder to defeat with fewer clicks, while others might have unique skills that make them more difficult. To overcome each wave and continue on your path, plan and modify your strategy.

Additionally, the game provides a sense of exploration and adventure as you travel through various settings, run across fresh enemies, and find potent weapons with unique characteristics. As you progress through the game, you will gain strength and will be able to find hidden treasures, take down bosses, and learn the world's mysteries.


 Left mouse button = attack

 Numpad = change Weapons

 Space = use skill

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