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Construction Ramp Jumping
Construction Ramp Jumping

Construction Ramp Jumping

Welcome to Construction Ramp Jumping, an adrenaline-pumping stunt car game that will take you on a thrilling journey to defying the laws of gravity! Experience the exhilaration of launching a 12-ton metal beast into buildings, creating a breathtaking spectacle of destruction. This game is all about embracing chaos and unleashing your inner daredevil as you embark on heart-pounding action and mind-blowing jumps. With a wide range of exciting locations and heavy vehicles at your disposal, prepare to push the limits and take on gravity-defying stunts like never before!


The objective of Construction Ramp Jumping is to perform breathtaking and gravity-defying stunts by launching your heavy vehicles into buildings and structures. As you progress through the game, your goal is to showcase your daredevil skills and create the most spectacular spectacle of destruction possible. Indulge in the art of chaos, score high points, and become the ultimate stunt car daredevil!


  1. Vehicle Selection: Choose from an impressive selection of heavy vehicles, each with its unique characteristics and abilities.

  2. Location Variety: Enjoy a variety of exciting locations, from urban environments to construction sites, providing a diverse stunt experience.

  3. Stunt Car Setup: Position your vehicle at the starting point, ready for the heart-pounding launch.

  4. Launching Stunts: Rev up the engine and hit the ramp with precision timing to launch your vehicle into the air.

  5. Spectacular Destruction: Aim for buildings and structures to create a breathtaking spectacle of destruction and score high points.

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