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Dino Defense
Dino Defense

Dino Defense

Welcome to Dino Defense, a thrilling casual game where you must fight for survival in a world overrun by dinosaurs. In this hostile environment, your mission is clear: build a resilient base, recruit workers, and amass resources to protect yourself and drive the dinosaurs back to extinction. Can you withstand the onslaught and ensure the survival of humanity in this prehistoric adventure?


  1. Establish Your Base: Begin by building a small base to protect yourself from the roaming dinosaurs. Strengthen your defenses and prepare for the challenges ahead.

  2. Survive and Make Money: Survive waves of dinosaur attacks by defending your base and earning money from each defeated wave.

  3. Recruit Workers: Expand your team by recruiting workers who will assist you in gathering resources and enhancing your base's defenses.

  4. Upgrade and Expand: Use the earned money to upgrade your base, unlock new technologies, and expand your territory to strengthen your position against the dinosaur onslaught.


 WASD / arrow keys = move around

 Hold left-click and move the mouse = move around / aim while using the machine gun

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