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Dino's Farm Shop
Dino's Farm Shop

Dino's Farm Shop

Welcome to the prehistorical world of Dino's Farm Shop, a delightful simulation game where you can experience the joys and challenges of running your own shop in a vibrant dinosaur world. Take on the role of a friendly dinosaur farmer as you immerse yourself in the excitement of managing a bustling farm market. In this enchanting game, you'll have the opportunity to grow and sell crops, catch and sell fish, and even cook delicious pizzas to satisfy the hungry appetites of your dinosaur customers. Your goal is to expand your market, attract more visitors, and establish yourself as the ultimate destination for farm-fresh products in this prehistorical paradise.


Dino's Farm Shop offers an engaging and rewarding gameplay experience that will captivate players of all ages. Here's an overview of how the game works:

  1. Farm Management: Start your adventure by managing a lively farm where you can cultivate crops and raise livestock. Plant and harvest various crops, including fruits, vegetables, and grains, to gather ingredients for your shop.

  2. Catch and Sell Fish: Explore the water bodies in the dinosaur world and catch different types of fish to add to your shop's inventory. Offer fresh fish to your customers and watch them leave with satisfied smiles.

  3. Cook Delicious Pizzas: Embrace your culinary skills as a pizza chef! Prepare mouthwatering pizzas with a range of toppings using the ingredients from your farm, and serve them hot to your customers.

  4. Serve Dinosaur Customers: Interact with adorable dinosaur characters who visit your farm shop. Fulfill their orders promptly and make sure they have a delightful shopping experience.

  5. Expand Your Market: As your shop gains popularity, invest in expanding and upgrading your market. Build additional stalls, attract more customers, and increase your product offerings.

  6. Complete Quests and Achievements: Take on quests and complete achievements to earn rewards, unlock new features, and progress in the game.


  Use WASD / arrow keys / drag the left mouse button to move around

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