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Mighty Dragons
Mighty Dragons

Mighty Dragons

Step into the fantastical realm of Mighty Dragons, a thrilling game of defense and skill where you must take control of a variety of powerful dragons to protect yourself from relentless waves of deadly enemies. Your dragons are equipped with special skills, such as fire balls, to take down the monsters and defend your territory. As you defeat enemies, they drop valuable items like gold coins, eggs, and power-ups that can enhance your defense. Prepare for an epic dragon battle and become a dragon master in this challenging and action-packed adventure!


  1. Command Mighty Dragons: Take charge of different dragons, each with unique abilities, and use their skills to fend off waves of deadly enemies.

  2. Special Attacks: Your dragons possess devastating special attacks that charge at regular intervals. Use these powerful abilities strategically to crush your foes.

  3. Collect Dropped Items: Defeated enemies drop valuable items like gold coins, eggs, and power-ups. Be swift in collecting them as they disappear after a short time.

  4. Face Formidable Bosses: After 5 waves of monsters, prepare to confront tougher bosses with higher HP and formidable damage-dealing capabilities.


 A and D to move

 Left click to attack

 Space bar to do special attack

 W to shoot special item

 P to pause

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