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King Survivors
King Survivors

King Survivors

Welcome to the enchanting world of King Survivors, a gripping roguelike game that puts you in the shoes of a valiant king tasked with defending the kingdom against fearsome enemies. In this epic adventure, you must assemble a skilled team of heroes and lead them strategically to victory. Critical decisions and clever tactics are the keys to saving the realm from impending doom. As you embark on this perilous journey, hire powerful wizards, skilled hunters, and fearless knights, each possessing unique abilities that will aid you in your quest. Control the King as your heroes follow like a snake, all the while avoiding collisions with deadly adversaries. The more enemies you defeat, the more heroes will join your ranks, guaranteeing an action-packed and thrilling experience. Are you ready to take on the role of the King and lead your survivors to triumph?


 - Recruit Heroes: As the valiant King, your first task is to recruit a team of brave heroes to aid you in battle. Choose wisely among wizards, hunters, knights, and other classes, each with their own special abilities.

 - Strategic Movements: Control the movement of the King as your team of heroes follows in a snake-like formation. Use swipes and gestures to guide the King and maneuver the heroes strategically to avoid colliding with enemies.

 - Battle Enemies: Venture into treacherous territories where fearsome enemies lurk. Engage in exciting battles, where quick thinking and precise movements are vital. Defeat enemies to add more heroes to your ranks.

 - Collect Rewards and Upgrades: As you progress through the game, collect rewards and coins for your victories. Spend these resources to upgrade your heroes and unlock powerful abilities, making them even more formidable in battles.

 - Explore New Levels: Unlock new levels and regions as you prove your worth in combat. Each level presents fresh challenges and stronger adversaries, testing your strategic acumen.


Using Mouse

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